Case Study

Discover why Biotech Companies are finding Success with Virtual Recruiting Events

In this case study you will see how a large mid-Atlantic biotech company, operating one of the only Vaccine Manufacturing facilities in the US that was designed for pandemic response, utilized virtual recruiting events as part of their solution to attract a large number of specialized candidates, quickly and under unique circumstances.

As one of the largest partners in the US Governments’ Operation Warp Speed (OWS) response to COVID-19, this company needed to rapidly hire more than 150 highly skilled biotech workers.

Due to the mostly virtual recruiting environment brought on by COVID-19, Talent Acquisition leaders needed a more effective solution to meet a variety of unique hiring challenges, including:

  • Attracting a large, unique pool of qualified candidates
  • Fostering an engaging candidate experience
  • Building trust and confidence in top candidates
  • Showcasing key leaders and their authentic company culture
  • Creating employer brand content for their employees to share

They came to BioBuzz to accomplish their hiring goals.

"This was really impressive, well organized and structured. I would not change anything other than the request for other divisions that are hiring to hold these events."

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